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Here are a few examples of my content creation skills on my personal platforms. Click the visuals to access the full video with sound.
As a dance enthusiast and volunteer instructor for ShapeUp NYC, I wanted to poke fun at what it's like to follow choreography. I conceptualized and filmed this myself.
I participated in TikTok's popular #wipeitdownchallenge. I put an extra spin on it by using a removable mirror in which my "alter ego" was hiding behind.

Wipe Me Down Challenge

I created this stop motion video with Moods by Yemmie candles. This candle was called "Just cleaned my apartment." I used sound effects to bring the movement and— simultaneously—the sound of cleaning to life.
I participated in DSW's #toomanyshoeschallenge after seeing your post about it on Instagram Stories. I began it with a hill of shoes in view to emphasize having too many shoes and proceeded to dance as I transitioned to wearing each shoe, showing off each one's versatility.

DSW - Too Many Shoes Check

Claire Sulmers of the popular fashion blog, Fashion Bomb Daily, recruited me to film and edit an Instagram Reel for a promotion she was doing with Fritz Eyewear (brand of singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard). She wanted to showcase five different looks, and we used Ciara's "Level Up" to show her bossing up with each outfit change. I worked alongside a creative director for this shoot.
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